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Firefighting security solutions

After analysis of your needs, LADCI proposes you the solutions fitting your needs in order to conceive, and sustainably implement all your fire safety projects from detection to fire extinction.

Whatever the level of gravity or the fire occurrence likelihood in your company plant or site, our team places at your disposal its know-how for a tailored solution.

Fire safety in industry and specific risks

protection-industrieThe fire safety issues which companies are facing are more and more complex and global. Tightening the regulations, technology improvements in the mitigation of fire-related risks and the ever growing number of services related to the solutions are as many challenges to face for the industry actors.

Identify the fire risk scenarios related to your infrastructure:

Our solutions and services cover all sectors of the petrochemical industry and the related specific risks. We are committed to building, alongside our customers, innovative solutions dedicated to each industrial plant.

A tailored solution :

LADCI implements solutions of automatic detection and extinction that are regulatory compliant:sur-mesure

  • Smoke, temperature and flames detection;
  • Hydrocarbon liquid detection;
  • Gas detection;
  • Automatic extinction:
    • Gas: inert, inhibitor, CO²
    • Mist of water: ambiance, curtains, radiation absorption
    • Foam: high, mean and low expansion
    • Powders: BC and D

By combining our advanced technologies, your experience and our team's experience, we will accompany you step by step in the conception and the supply of firefighting equipment until the implementation of a maintenance contract.